PhD in Biological and Medical Engineering

Joint degree with KCL

Joint Degree Program with King's College London

Do you know what it means to obtain a Joint Degree? A joint degree is understood as the result of studies carried out under a co-supervision regime leading to a single academic Ph.D. degree jointly awarded by two national or international institutions in recognition of compliance with academic requirements and research standards of both universities. 

A co-supervision leading to a joint degree implies that the student carries out his/her thesis under the responsibility and joint supervision of two supervisors – one at the university of origin (home university) and another one, as co-supervisor, at the host university – and spends a considerable amount of time at the host university to which the co-supervisor belongs. Carrying out a co-tutelage leading to a joint degree requires signing an agreement where the conditions for performing this activity, obtaining a degree, the periods of stay of the student in each university, and funding are explained.

In 2020, the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile (UC) signed an agreement to obtain the joint degree of Ph.D. in Biological and Medical Engineering with King's College London (KCL). Specifically, this agreement involves the School of Biomedical Engineering and Imaging Sciences at KCL and the Institute of Biological and Medical Engineering (IIBM) at UC.

In order to access the Joint Degree, applicants must contact the corresponding departments of both universities before submitting an application in order to discuss the suitability of their research subject for the joint program and to identify potential supervisors. For more details, we invite you to review the faculty members of the IIBM and KCL*.

* Other KCL academics belonging to the Faculty of Life Science and Medicine could also be considered as co-supervisors.

Applicants interested in the Joint Degree must send their applications only to the proposed institution of origin, where the student will begin and finish their doctoral program, in the same application period as the regular doctoral program.

Applicants who choose the Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile as their home institution must submit their application through this online system, explicitly indicating that they will select the Joint Degree option with King's College London. In addition to standard supporting documentation, applicants must submit a pdf travel plan form (605 KB) indicating how they intend to divide their time between the two partner institutions. The maximum term to apply to this agreement will expire after 12 months of having entered the Doctorate in Biological and Medical Engineering.

Once the Candidacy Examination has been approved, students accepted for the Joint Degree will be able to start their studies at King's College London. Students must spend at least 12 months and a maximum of 24 months at each institution. Additionally, the Ph.D. candidate will be required to return to their home of study at least 6 months before presenting their Thesis Defense. The process ends with obtaining the degree of Joint Ph.D. in Biological and Medical Engineering, which is recognized and validated by both institutions.

We invite you to review the details of the Joint Degree with King's College London  pdf here (604 KB) .