MSc in Biological and Medical Engineering

Requirements and application

Profile of the applicants

Interested applicants must have at least an academic degree of Bachelor or a professional degree in careers related to engineering, biology or medicine awarded by a university recognized by the State of Chile, or in the case of foreign institutions, by the State of the country correspondent. Bachelor's degrees in Statistics, Mathematics, Dentistry, Nutrition and Dietetics, Kinesiology, Phonoaudiology, Nursing, Chemistry, Chemistry and Pharmacy, Natural Sciences and Physics, among others, can be qualified as related careers.

Application requirements

Applicants must have a university degree in Biology, Engineering, Medicine or a related discipline and an upper-intermediate level of English accredited in the interview with the committee. They must also show strong interest in the intersection between these disciplines.

Applicants should fill an application request here and pay an application fee of $59.825.  In addition, applicants should send the required documentation to This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it. between May 20th and May 29th 2024 at 23:59hrs.

Previous conversations with professors with the program will be strongly valued in the selection process. For this reason, it is suggested to get in contact with IBME professors before sending the required documents.

  1. Copy of the online application request and voucher of application.
  2. Notarial copy of university degree, original ranking certification and pertinent grades for each university title obtained. In case of foreign applicants, it must precise the evaluation scale used and minimum score of approval. In addition, foreign academic background certification, rankings and grades must be legalised at the country of origin.
  3.   document Application form (388 KB)  (personal details, academic activity, graduate teaching, research activities, publications and other relevant information).
  4. Curriculum Vitae.
  5. Written declaration of purpose explaining the motivations to apply to the Master of Science Program, academic goals and potential supervisor.
  6. Two reference letters that must be sent directly by the referees to the Master’s Committee (This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.).
  7. Copy of the RUT (both sides) or passport (first page and a copy of the Visa).
  8. Financial support request letter (if applicable).

Selection criteria

For the selection of students, academic performance, curriculum vitae, statement of purpose, letters of recommendation and a personal interview in which the motivation and knowledge of the applicants will be evaluated will be taken into account. Each of these items will be evaluated from 1-7 points.

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For further information about Master´s regulations, click here (Spanish only)