René Botnar

The advances and developments that can be done when different disciplines converge are fascinating. This is particularly true for engineering, medicine and biological sciences.

Since 2009 a group of faculty members from Universidad Católica started to think how we could leverage the interdisciplinary initiatives that we already had. From those meetings emerged a new Major in Biomedical Engineering in 2013, and later the Institute for Biological and Medical Engineering in 2016, first interdisciplinary institute of this kind in the University. For us, faculty, students and professionals, it is an honor to belong to it, and at the same time, we assume the responsibility that it brings with the University and society.

Our challenge is to provide an environment where people can meet each other and where we encourage breaking away from traditional academic schemes. A place where we foster fresh ideas and where we encourage a constant dialog between students and researchers passionate about science, technology and entrepreneurship. And why not, where there is room for eccentric and wild ideas. We trust in the interdisciplinary and collaborative value.

I warmly welcome you to be part of our family, in which we wish to become an open and creative space where we contribute to the University, Chile and the world.