PhD in Biological and Medical Engineering


Curriculum structure

The dedication to the PhD in Biological and Medical Engineering is exclusive, with a theoretical duration of 8 semesters and a total of 340 UC credits for courses, of which 60 correspond to minimum courses, 30 to electives, 50 to research units and 200 to the Thesis. The credits are the quantitative expression of the academic work carried out by the student, necessary to achieve the learning objectives and achievements of each curricular activity. A UC credit equals one hour of work per week for a semester. In addition, given the international nature of the program, the courses will be taught in English.

Malla Doctorado

Lines of investigation

Based on the competence, trajectory and scientific leadership of its academic body, the PhD Program in Biological and Medical Engineering UC offers several lines of research of high impact, so that doctoral students create new knowledge of global relevance in biomedical images, cellular engineering and molecular, tissue engineering, and quantitative and biomechanical physiology. Learn more details of each area here.

Candidacy Exam

It consists in the presentation and defense of a doctoral thesis project, which must be an original work, focused on the resolution of a problem or optimization of some process related to biological and medical engineering and its subsequent application. In this instance, the student's knowledge of the selected topic is also evaluated, which will be necessary to carry out his thesis project. Once your candidacy exam is approved, the student will be a candidate for a PhD and will be able to start his doctoral thesis.

Graduation and graduation requirements

The graduation of the Doctoral Program will require the approval of all curricular activities corresponding to the syllabus and the final defense of the Thesis, according to what is prescribed in this subject in the pertinent article of the Regulation of the Doctoral Student of the University.  Besides, students must develop research units and other mandatory activities without credits, that are requisites to the graduation. In addition, students will have an international education through internships abroad.

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