IIBM Seminars - second semester of 2022

  • 04 January 2023 -
  • 13:00
  • Sala C 306 (Construcción Civil)

The Institute for Biological and Medical Engineering invites you to the seminar series on interdisciplinary research areas. The seminars will take place bi-weekly and alternate between internal presenters (IIBM faculty presents) and external invited speakers.

The session will be on hybrid mode (remote and in-person simultaneously) at 13:00h through the Zoom platform and in Campus San Joaquin (each event and room will be announced).

¡Don’t lose this great and new opportunity to know different interdisciplinary areas and a new space of debate, grown and collaboration between research groups!

The next seminar will be on Wednesday, January 4th, 13:00h. 

More information   pdf here (423 KB)