Nueva convocatoria: Call for PHD applications in mechanobiology of development

Full project title: Multiscale mechanics and self-organizing processes in developing systems. Anillo ACT192015, funded by ANID-PIA.

Leadership: Andrea Ravasio, Tim Rudge, Mauricio Cerda, Cristina Bertocchi and Miguel Concha

Institutions: Pontificia Universidad Católica de Chile and Universidad de Chile

Collaborating Institutes: Weizmann Inst. (Israel), CNRS (France), Max Planck Inst. Heidelberg (Germany), MBI (Singapore), James Hutton Inst. (UK), CGR Barcelona (Spain), Nagoya Univ. (Japan)

Vacancies deadline: Open until filled – only selected candidates will be notified.


About the Anillo for Developmental Mechanobiology (DevMech)


We are an interdisciplinary collaborative research team interested in understanding how system-level complexity emerges from the multiscale integration of functions during embryo development as this is one of the most exciting frontiers in biology, with profound implications for the origin and persistence of life. Proper organization of the embryonic tissues and execution of developmental processes depend on the ability of cells to reliably migrate in coordinated fashion. However, cell migration is largely dominated by stochastic molecular and cellular processes. Here, we aim to understand the mechanical determinants driving the integration of low-level molecular functions into reliable migratory patterns and tissue structures.


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