PhD in Biological and Medical Engineering

Graduates Profile

Graduates of the PhD in Biological and Medical Engineering should be able to:

  • Develop an original and independent contribution towards its field of study, and identify and develop new lines of research with high social and/or academic impact.
  • Develop and implement solutions to complex problems which require simultaneous application of interdisciplinary knowledge provided by Engineering, Medicine and Biology, from their solid scientific and technological training.

  • Promote technological transfer towards society through the research generated in the academy, industry or through independent and innovative technological entrepreneurships.

  • Participate and lead interdisciplinary and international research groups.

  • Discuss and defend current research areas with critical and analytical thinking and be able to communicate the contributions of the research in English language to the scientific community and the whole society.

  • Develop their research and professional work in the interdisciplinary field of Biological and Medical Engineering, and their interaction with the society and the environment with ethical responsibility.