Biomedical Imaging

Biomedical imaging is an interdisciplinary field where medicine, engineering, mathematics, physics and computational technology meet. The main goal in the clinical context is to design and enhance systems for non-invasive human imaging like Magnetic Resonance Imaging (MRI), X-rays, Tomography, Ultrasound etc. It is traditionally related to anatomical imaging for diagnostic information but it also has functional and therapeutic applications. The research in Biomedical Imaging in our Institute includes: MRI acquisition and reconstruction; MRI applications to aging related diseases: brain, heart and vessels; fMRI in neurosciences; cardiovascular MRI; Medical Imaging reconstruction and perception; Medical Imaging processing and analysis. The work in this area is done in the Biomedical Imaging Center ( created in 2000 by the Departments of Radiology and Electrical Engineering. This Center has two Philips whole-body MRI scanners, 1.5 and 3.0T, with exclusive time for research