Doctorado en Ingeniería Biológica y Médica

The Institute for Biological and Medical Engineering (IBME) is an interdisciplinary academic unit of the Pontificia Universidad Catolica de Chile (UC) belonging simultaneously to the Schools of Engineering, Medicine and Biological Sciences. The Institute is developing research and teaching in four main areas: Biomedical Imaging, Cell and Molecular Biology, Tissue Engineering, Quantitative Physiology and Biomechanics. In this context, the IBME has created an innovative PhD program that focus on interdiscipline, internationalization and entrepreneurship. The mail goal of the program is to train advanced human capital able to generate new knowledge and technology in Biological and Medical Engineering areas. The program will also contribute to promote technology transfer to the society through the research developed during the program, and after the incorporation of the new PhD graduates to the academy, industry or through technological and innovative entrepreneurships.


Applicants must have a university degree in Biology, Engineering, Medicine or a related discipline and upper-intermediate English level must be accredited through an International Certificate (ALTE 3 o B2). They must also show strong interest in the intersection between these disciplines.

Applicants should fill an application request here and also, send the documentation required to before Sunday November 10th, 2019 at 23:59hrs.

Joint Ph.D supervision will be strongly valued in the selection process. It is strongly suggested to get in contact with IBME professors before sending the required documents.  

Documentation required

  1. Copy of the online application request
  2. Notarial copy of university degree, original ranking certification and pertinent grades for each university title obtained. In case of foreign applicants, it must precise the evaluation scale used and minimum score of approval. In addition, foreign academic background certification, rankings and grades must be legalised in the country of origin;
  3. Application form (personal details, academic activity, graduate teaching, research, publications and other relevant information);
  4. Curriculum Vitae
  5. Original current international certification of English level ALTE 3 or B2 at the Common European Framework of Reference for Languages.
  6. Written declaration of purpose explaining the motivations to apply to the PhD Program, academic goals and potential supervisor/s. PhD applicants in co-supervision should explain briefly the way in which the joint supervision will be developed;
  7. Two reference letters that must be sent directly by the referees to the PhD Committee (;
  8. Copy of the RUT (both sides) or passport (first page and a copy of the Visa).



Selection criteria

The students will be selected according to the following criteria:


Candidates invited to the interview will be notified by email. The interview can be in person or remotely and will be conducted in English by the PhD Program Committee. At the interview, applicants are expected to speak about their previous knowledge, abilities and motivations.

Curriculum structure

Malla Doctorado

The dedication to the PhD in Biological and Medical Engineering is exclusive and has a duration of eight semesters with a total of 340 “UC credits”:

– 60 credits in core courses

– 30 credits in elective courses

– 50 credits in Research Units

– 200 credits in Ph.D Thesis.

Graduates Profile

Graduates of the PhD in Biological and Medical Engineering must be able to:

– Develop an original and independent contribution towards its field of study, and identify and develop new lines of research with high social and/or academic impact.

– Develop and implement solutions to complex problems which require simultaneous application of interdisciplinary knowledge provided by Engineering, Medicine and Biology, from their solid scientific and technological training.

– Promote technological transfer towards society through the research generated in the academy, industry or through independent and innovative technological entrepreneurships.

– Participate and lead interdisciplinary and international research groups.

– Discuss and defend current research areas with critical and analytical thinking and be able to communicate the contributions of the research in English language to the scientific community and the whole society.

– Develop their research and professional work in the interdisciplinary field of Biological and Medical Engineering, and their interaction with the society and the environment with ethical responsibility.

Fees & scholarships

The fee of the Ph.D in BME Program is $3.500.000 per year. Since the program is not yet accredited by the CNA, the IBME will waive the program fee and award scholarships to cover living expenses for the amount of $7,800,000/year (similar to Conicyt scholarships) to the selected candidates. For further information about external scholarships (except Conicyt) please click here.


For further information about student regulations of the Programme, please click here